Partnerships in Insurance

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Tennant Capital Partners brings more than capital to an investment. The Tennant Capital team has a unique and specialized background from years of private equity investing and operating experience in the insurance business. This background allows Tennant Capital to provide management teams and portfolio companies with expert strategic and operating counsel, assistance in accessing other capital providers, and access to its extensive contact network. The team has a history of investing in and building successful insurance organizations, including the startup and management of innovative insurance businesses.

Tennant Capital Partners looks for business opportunities where it can work in partnership with management to leverage industry expertise, contacts and the capital invested. Tennant Capital Partners targets investment opportunities in insurance distribution, underwriting and service organizations, particularly those involved in specialty underwriting and distribution, alternative risk, and specialty services.

Investment possibilities include distribution organizations such as agents and brokers, program administrators and general agents, and underwriters such as small specialty insurers and captive insurance companies. We also consider claims, risk management and service organizations with a high level of expertise in their area of specialty. We look for opportunities, including early stage and startup organizations, where the combination of specialized management experience and expertise can be combined with Tennant’s extensive resources to enhance a business and build significant value.